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How would someone make a career in the music industry in 2024?

There are many different routes that you can take if you want to work in the music industry, whether that be through education, starting up your own venture, or seeking employment. Today, there is more advice, guidance, publications, industry organisations and support than ever before, so finding a pathway to a career in the industry has never been easier. There have always been opportunities in the music industry for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, particularly within areas such as live performance and artist management. These days, with the range of online tools, platforms and the developments in technology, creating your own label, label services or publishing company can now also be attainable. Whether you are considering a career in artist management, want to have your own music company, work in the live sector, or marketing and social media, there will always be potential clients that are operating at grass-roots level, that may well need the assistance of a budding entrepreneur, looking to start a career in the music industry. With so many tools and platforms for you to exploit as part of the digital/online space, there are more ways to start a career in an often exciting and sometimes rewarding industry.