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Study acting at Point Blank L.A.

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Come and meet our expert staff and find out more about our courses, industry connections, and state-of-the-art studios!

Open House - Point Blank LA - Register Today

Find out about our LA School, the programs we offer, and how we can help you follow your passion, make better music, and build the industry career you want. Every Open House includes a Free Expert Masterclass and Ableton Live raffle giveaway.


Inspired by our location in Hollywood, the heart of the global entertainment industry, Point Blank LA is pleased to announce our new course - Acting On Screen. You'll be taught by successful professional actors with real world industry experience and wisdom to pass on. In addition to your 4 hours of class each week, all Point Blank programs include Open Lab Time available to you outside of class so you can practice your acting skills and record scenes and auditions on camera in our Content Creation Suite and Project Studios. Whether you're serious about a professional career in acting or just enjoy acting as a hobby, learning to improve your stage presence while surrounded by like-minded actors, musicians, and artists can be a highly enjoyable, life-affirming experience. You'll also meet and collaborate with the many other creative students studying at Point Blank LA. Learn to act from the pros, and get yourself on camera and on screen in just a few short months! Call an Admissions Advisor at (323) 594-8740 or Contact Us via this form to guide you through the enrollment process.

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