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New Release Ft. Ultra Naté

Grammy considered for 'Best Dance / Electronic Recording'

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Point Blank Recordings

Point Blank Recordings (PBR) is a record label with an international audience in the millions thanks to Point Blank's extensive global networks and schools in countries all around the world. The label promotes talent from within Point Blank's various schools and links new artists and producers with established industry figures such as and Kathy Sledge, Kym Mazelle, Ultra Nate and Elisabeth Troy. 

Point Blank graduates have enjoyed huge success such as Felix Jaehn (one billion streams), Patrick Topping (60 million streams), Aluna George (500 million streams), and Leona Lewis (700 million streams). Mistajam, Monki, Madam X, Gemma Cairney and Ben Scarr (Dave) are also PB London alumni. Our label releases have amassed more than two million streams across the globe in 12 months. You can listen to them all via our playlist on Spotify.

Discover the Latest Releases, Artists and More on the Point Blank Recordings Website


Point Blank Recordings features a variety of legendary talent including industry veteran Kwame Kwaten, who heads up A&R at the label and is passionate about discovering and developing new talent. Kwame Kwaten

“Being the Director of A&R at PBR is an exciting role that sees me blend two of my passions - discovering new talent and mentoring students. Music and education are for me the perfect blend. My mission is to uncover the many talented students that come through the School and establish a release platform for their music as they establish careers within the industry."

In addition to his role with Point Blank, Kwame is CEO of Ferocious Talent, Co-Director Cre8ing Vision & Ultimate Seminar, a Brit Awards Trustee, a Mobo Awards Trustee, Vice-Chair of the MMF (Music Managers Forum) and an independent record producer and Artist Manager.




Signed to Point Blank Recordings, and released and licensed under major label BMG, 'Supernatural' is the latest track from legendary artist Ultra Naté who features with Point Blank graduates Funk Cartel. Now up for Grammy consideration as 'Best Dance / Electronic Recording'. See the track featured in Ultra Naté's playlist for The Sun here. Click the artwork to watch the video.


Acclaimed London-based House music duo Funk Cartel continue their rise to the top with the deep and anthemic ‘Party Out’ featuring “The First Lady of House Music”, Kym Mazelle, which is out now via Point Blank Recordings. Listen on a platform of your choice, or click the artwork and read more on EDM Nations.

Vivienne Chi x Harry Shadow - 'Dreams'

Vivienne Chi & Harry Shadow grace our studios to perform their new song, 'Dreams', that has achieved more than 1,000,000 streams, and features on nearly 3,000 playlists, live from Studio 1 at Point Blank Music School.

Paul Schulze x Adaptiv ft. AISHA - 'Leave (Get Out)'

We’re proud to present the latest release on our in-house Point Blank Recordings imprint, Paul Schulze x Adaptiv – ‘Leave (Get Out) feat. AISHA. The release has achieved more than 1,000,000 streams on Spotify, is featured in nearly 10,000 playlists, and has seen nearly a thousand plays on German radio stations.

Club Mango - One You Need (feat. Vadi)

We’re proud to present the latest release on our in-house Point Blank Recordings imprint, Club Mango – ‘One You need’. The track delivers a fusion of classic Latin American dance and contemporary production techniques, and the EP is packed with catchy features from the likes of Vadi, Sanwo and Ya’rey.

When I Think About It - Brian McKnight Jr & Kerfo

When I Think About It is a track developed by Brian McKnight Jr & Kerfo, featured in the latest film People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan.

Talia Roux - 'Dunno'

This release comes in the form of a heartfelt cover of the late, great Mac Miller’s track of the same name. Talia Roux proves herself as one to watch, providing a stripped back piano-led rendition of the original, and has racked up hundreds of thousands of streams across YouTube, Spotify and more.

Listen to Point Blank Recordings’ First Compilation: Penn St, Vol. 1

We created Point Blank’s in-house record label, Point Blank Recordings, as a space to release and promote the music of the talented artists who hone their craft at our global music school. Listen on a platform of your choice, or click the artwork.

Why Point Blank Recordings?

Artists backed by PBR gain access to a suite of industry standard facilities and resources including:

  • A global audience of over 2 million music lovers across a range of platforms
  • Professional A&R support, advice and guidance from industry heavyweights
  • Access to industry standard studios and established producers and engineers
  • Support from in-house branding, social media and video production teams
  • Exposure to PBR music industry contacts and PR opportunities via Outpost Media
  • Digital distribution including: iTunes, beatport, Amazon, Spotify via Believe Digital, Fatdrop, SubmitHub
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other PB students, PBR artists and music legends on originals, covers and remixes

If you're a Point Blank student or graduate and want to know more about this opportunity, please email: support[at]pointblankmusicschool.com. To submit your tracks to the label for consideration, email: hello[at]pointblankrecordings.com

Vivienne Chi X Harry Shadow - 'Dreams' Case Study 1 million streams and counting

Kwame Kwaten - A&R Mentoring The inside track from Point Blank students

Point Blank - Global Success Make your mark on the music industry

Leave (Get Out) feat. AISHA. by Adaptiv & Paul Schulze achieves 1M streams

Licensing & Sync

Students at Point Blank Music Schools also have the opportunity to earn money from their music via our licensing and sync connections. Through partner agencies, PB alumni have soundtracked worldwide advertising campaigns as well as gone on to score feature films. Watch PB graduates Jake Warren and Eddie Yanez's European MTV Swatch campaigns below. You can also watch an interview with Jake Warren on how PB kick-started his career.

Sanchit Balhara studied Music Production at our London school and has since gone on to score seven feature films and over 100 commercials! He recently scored one of India's highest-grossing films, 'Bajirao Mastani'. Sanchit had high praise when reflecting on his time at PB: "In my opinion, Point Blank is one institute that focuses not only on the creative part of music but the business aspect as well."

Swatch Advert by Eddie Yanez

Swatch Christmas Commercial

Interview with PB London student Jake Warren

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