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Point Blank Mastered

The Songwriting Process with Iliana Nedialkova

Iliana Nedialkova, a.k.a. Chili A.F., is a Bulgarian-Brazilian recording artist, RIAA-certified gold songwriter, and violinist. After moving to Los Angeles, Iliana began helping her producer and engineer friends with songwriting and vocals. Soon after, Iliana landed writing credits and background vocals on Zayn Malik's track "Entertainer," a success that propelled her into debuting her artist career and writing for other artists. She wrote the hit single "I Wanna Know" for Bulgarian X-Factor contestant Victoria Georgieva, "Salty" by Ruth Koleva, and several hits for UK artist Adam Hender, and more. Iliana is currently working on her next R&B project in collaboration with multi-platinum producer BeatsbyDex.

In this masterclass session, Iliana will take attendees through her creative and songwriting process. She will breakdown some of her successful song credits to share where she draws inspiration, her favorite tips for writing a song, and what creates an industry hit. She will go over all the vital elements that make up a successful song and the best practices to blending these elements seamlessly. Iliana will also share great insights on how to find one's own voice when writing lyrics, as well as the differences and parallels between writing songs for pitching to other artists vs. writing for personal release. Drawing upon her own career successes, Iliana will share advice on how to develop and maintain a successful career as a songwriter. Attendees will be given the opportunity to ask any questions to help perfect their songwriting craft and create massive hits with incredible expertise from an established songwriter. 

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