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Point Blank Mastered

Pro Mixing with Tyler Spratt

Tyler Spratt is a mixing engineer, producer, and PBLA instructor who holds the M.F.A. degree in Recording Arts and Technology from Middle Tennessee State University. Tyler got his start at the historic Village Studios in West L.A. working with artists like Snoop Dogg and Pierce The Veil, then went on to collaborate with renowned producers like Mark Needham, Ryan Hewitt, John Alagia, T-Bone Burnett, and Robbie Robertson. Tyler has mixed for artists including Moby, Dave Matthews Band, Molly Moore, Nadia Vaeh, Julie Mintz, The Frets, The Brevet, and many more.

Tyler will be opening up his mix sessions for “Only Hear Your Voice On The Internet” by Molly Moore and “Spellbinding” by Nadia Vaeh in order to share some of his favorite mix techniques in both modern pop and soul styles. Both songs have been receiving strong airplay on KROQ’s Locals Only, and both songs were mastered by PBLA’s mastering instructor, Paris Minzer of Frogtown Sound. Tyler will take us through his process — channel-by-channel and instrument-by-instrument — for creating professional-grade mixes that sound amazing on any system.

Attendees will get a glimpse into the mindframe and workflow of a successful pro mixing engineer. A self-professed gearhead, Tyler will discuss his go-to in-the-box and outboard gear, his best tips and tricks for mixing, and his approach to delivering a final mix to the mastering engineer. He’ll discuss his perspective on EQ, reverb, compression, limiting, and panning as they relate to various instruments. You’ll also hear his strategies for building a client base, working professionally with artists, and maintaining a thriving career as an independent producer-engineer in the music industry.

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