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Point Blank Mastered

Performing Live in Ableton Live with David Harrow

Bio: David Harrow (aka James Hardway, Magnetic, Oicho) began playing live electronic sets in the 1980s at Reigate College of Art in London, where he met poet Anne Clark and produced her seminal album Changing Places. His illustrious career has included productions and remixes for Jah Wobble, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Bim Sherman, Candi Staton, Andrew Weatherall, and Depeche Mode. Harrow lived in Cuba and Jamaica while working on his eclectic album Moors and Christians, a cross-cultural masterpiece that includes legendary vocals from Congo Ashanti Roy and various Santerian priests. He’s performed modular electronic sets at Dub Club, Low End Theory, Human Resources, and the Hammer and Broad Museums in LA.

Session Description: In this unique session, David Harrow will discuss and demonstrate his best practices for performing live sets using Ableton Live. He will explain how he integrates his massive arsenal of modular hardware synths and devices into his live rig, and how he employs them to great effect when improvising electronic performances "on-the-fly.” A masterful sound designer, David will discuss how he sources the clips he usesfor live performances as well as how he generates new tones from the ground up. This event is a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to learn more about music production and live performance in Ableton Live, sound design, electronic music, and the music industry.

Attendee Takeaways: Gain an insight into how a masterful modern producer works creatively to improvise live performances using Ableton Live, and learn how to apply his methods to your own work. Learn to think in new ways about performing electronic music live and designing sounds for your live set. Get David Harrow’s take on hardware and modular synths, recording live sets, blending samples with MIDI sequences and drum loops, and how to effectively blend different different styles and genres. Take this opportunity to ask a veteran live performer and Ableton guru your questions about sound design and live electronic music performance!

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