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Point Blank Mastered


Owen Cutts aka Mr Cutts is a songwriter/producer from London, writing and producing with some of the most talented and respected artists and producers in the industry. His upbringing of blues, folk, soul and rock & roll married with his obsession with hip hop and street culture makes for an eclectic pool of inspiration. Cutts has previously worked with Stormzy, Clean Bandit and Childish Gambino and also hosts a podcast with Reggie Yates. Find out more about him HERE

In this session Owen Cutts will take his audience on a non-stop musical rollercoaster ride, exploring the world of samples. From the hip hop greats to handy clearance request tricks, Owen is well versed in everything one might need to know about sampling.


Attendees will gain a greater understanding of the techniques that birthed one of the defining art forms of the twentieth century: hip hop, and feel more confident to use samples in their music, while at the same time understanding the legal implications of doing so.

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