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Networking and Branding Workshop with Shao Dow

Shao Dow is an award winning rapper and manga author who's known to rap in both English and Japanese, blurring the lines between music, anime, gaming and martial arts. Shao has worked with icons such as Sean Schemmel (the voice actor for Goku - Dragon Ball Z) and featured on the first single from Tech N9ne’s ‘Asin9ne’ album. Alongside his regular releases, Shao Dow has worked with Mashed and Channel 4, and created music for Sony Santa Monica, Playstation and Amazon Prime Video. Shao has toured the UK, Europe, The USA, Japan and Brazil and was nominated for the Best Live Performer Award at the AIM Awards 2022 and 2023...and he’s done it all without a major record label!

Join him for an exclusive masterclass on how to build a successful and sustainable independent music career with advice, tips and tricks for building a fan base, touring, networking, creating merchandise, how to make money from your music and much more.

Event Details

Start Times
  • December 5, 2023, 19:00 GMT
Address 26 Orsman Road, Shoreditch
N1 5QJ
United Kingdom


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