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Point Blank Mastered

Interview Workshop for Musicians

How many people should attend an interview? What to do when the interview gets personal? Can you mention your spiritual beliefs? What's "On the Record"? When do I mention the release?

This Interview Workshop for Musicians helps rising musicians get more out of interviews by pointing out common mistakes and understanding how interviewers work. With the many types of interview(er)s that will come your way, you want to champion each and everyone of them. Even the ones the require you to work a bit harder.

Learn how to charm your interviewer and their listeners, make it all easy to air, and even have fun.

Ore Bihovsky HeadshotOre Bihovsky is a longtime radio presenter, specializing in rock music. For over a decade, he's been interviewing bands and musicians from all over the world, helping fans and musicians strengthen their connection.  From his experiences across dingy green rooms, tour buses, press tents, and Zoom rooms, this workshop was born.


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  • 11th May 2021, 19:30 BST (British Summer Time)
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