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Focus Writing Camp: Collaborative Challenge

Join us for a collaborative writing challenge, hosted by fellow composer/producer and collaborative enthusiasts, lecturer John Davies and online school co-ordinator Michael Denny.


During the session you’ll be allocated a group of fellow students. You’ll then have just over an hour to come up with an original track idea in response to this term’s brief. After the session you’ll then time to develop the track idea into a fully formed ‘demo’ to play at a Feedback Forum event. We welcome students working in any genre and style who are open to collaboration and experimentation. Please also load your DAW prior to the event as you will need to share your screen and audio to collaborate.


We’ll introduce this term’s brief at 8pm (London time) and you’ll work in your groups to create a new track idea that responds to it (in any way you want). Someone from your group will upload a bounce of wherever you’ve managed to get to by 9:15pm then enjoy a well-earned break. At 9.30pm we’ll have a quick listen to what y’all manage to come up with!

Event Details

Start Times
  • October 26, 2022, 18:00 BST (British Summer Time)
Online attendees You will receive a link to this event in the confirmation email


Sorry, this event is for enrolled, current, past and/or future students only.
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