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Point Blank Mastered

Curating the Grammy Museum with Nick Vega

Nick Vega is the Curator and Director of Exhibitions for the GRAMMY Museum, where he shapes the curatorial experience of the Museum, including overseeing all curatorial content for the flagship GRAMMY Museum location at L.A. Live. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Nick is responsible for overseeing the creation of all new exhibition content and developing the museum's permanent collection. Throughout his career, he has curated dozens of fine art, costumes, photography, and historical artifact exhibitions for some of the biggest artists in the industry. Prior to the GRAMMY Museum, Nick served as a Manager of Collections and Exhibits for The Walt Disney Archives, where he created a successful international traveling exhibitions program.

Music museums are a cherished component of America's rich cultural history, from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and the Museum of Popular Culture in Seattle, to the GRAMMY Museum right here in L.A. For this masterclass session, Nick will take attendees through the curation process for such a prominent and legendary brand that is the GRAMMY Museum. Nick will explain how the incredible museum exhibitions and music education programs are developed, how he works with GRAMMY-winning artists and how heavily these artists are involved in terms of the overall development and sourcing of artifacts for the exhibitions. Nick will also share his journey in the industry, touching on some of his favorite artists he's worked with and favorite exhibitions he's worked on thus far. Attendees will learn the incredible history of the GRAMMY brand and how its legacy has remained so popular and relevant in today's music industry.

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