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Point Blank Mastered

Composing for TV and Movies with Dan Light

Dan Light is an LA-based composer-producer with extensive experience scoring music for movies and television; his music has appeared on CBS, Netflix, Disney+, Epix, and more. Dan offers a distinct modern voice in music for media with influences from electronic, pop, folk, jazz, and classical styles, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Wesleyan University. Working at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions led him to collaborate with composer Jim Dooley on projects including Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events and TNT's The Last Ship. Most recently, Dan contributed to the score for Helter Skelter, Epix’s new docu-series about the Manson Family.

In this unique session, Dan will discuss and demonstrate his best practices for scoring music to picture. He will open up the project sessions for a few of the greatest scenes he has scored and discuss his note-by-note approach to composing, arranging, and synching to picture within the DAW. He will share his techniques for important aspects of scoring such as sound design, orchestration, effects, mood, character development, thematic transformation, and more. He will share stories about some of his professional experiences working on exciting projects, and demonstrate his expertise with composing music to picture. Attendees will learn how sound design and music work to develop characters, moods, and the narrative arc of a film. Benefit from a professional composer’s expertise, and take the opportunity to ask them your questions about sound design and score music for movies and television!

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