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Point Blank Mastered

All About Modular with Trovarsi

Trovarsi is an LA-based electronic music producer, performer, and Point Blank graduate. Known for her unique sound and fearlessness towards pushing the boundaries, Trovarsi uses a hybrid blend of analog and modular synths, drum machines, and Ableton Live to bring a driving, pulsating original sound to the underground LA music scene. Trovarsi's hybrid set-ups and experimentation with different hardware help her make each set a unique, captivating experience, every time. Trovarsi is also one half of the electronic music duo FORWARD, curator of Transduction Signal on Fnoob Techno Radio, and a founding member of the Southern California Synth Society.

Trovarsi will use this session to demonstrate and explain the use of hybrid setups utilizing modular synths for both live performance and recording studio applications. This beginner-friendly session will instill the best approaches to integrating modular synths into the music-making process and ideal workflow. Trovarsi will touch on the different hybrid setups she chooses for different sets and how this contributes to her creative freedom when improvising new live performances “on-the-fly.” She will discuss her favorite modular synths and how she identifies, compares, and selects from amongst the plethora of modular options out there for the modern electronic producer or performer.

Attendees will gain a solid understanding of the basic strategies, best practices, and opportunities for experimentation when using modular synths in live electronic sets or in professional music recordings. Through Trovarsi’s demonstrations and expert advice, learn how to integrate modular elements to bolster your own musical process for tone-crafting and electronic improvisation. Bring all your questions about modular and have them answered by a master producer and live performer. Or, if you’re new to modular, sit back and enjoy the presentation by one of it’s most active modern proponents.

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  • 27th January 2021, 18:00 PST
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