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Point Blank Recordings (PBR) is a record label with a worldwide audience in the millions thanks to Point Blank Music School's extensive networks. The label aims to promote talent from within the School and link new artists and producers with established industry figures such as and Kathy Sledge, Kym Mazelle, Ultra Nate and Elisabeth Troy.

Most of all, we aim to release great music from a variety of genres. Check out our latest label news and releases here.

A&R at the label is headed up by industry veteran, Kwame Kwaten, who is passionate about discovering and developing new talent. Kwame Kwaten is a music industry mogul. His 30-year career in the music business has seen him thrive as an artist, having had a #1 in the dance chart with his band D’Influence, sign to Atlantic Records, be shortlisted for a Mercury Prize and support the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince and James Brown as well as working as a producer, consultant, public speaker and label A&R.

In this session, Kwame will give you feedback on 2 songs.

Please ensure they are no longer than 1 and a half minutes each.

Event details

Date: Tuesday 22nd August 

Time: 8pm-10pm

Location: Studio 1, Orsman Road 

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