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How should I prepare for a career in music production?

Learn as much as you can! Point Blank provides a great starting point for a range of careers within the industry. Before you embark on any study, it is important to be set up with the basic equipment, such as a good laptop/computer, the right software, and a good pair of headphones. It is also important to start making connections, once you are confident enough with your skills. Offer to work for others and build up as many creative connections as possible. Real relationships are vital. Learn to set firm boundaries too. Productions are never 'finished' and so it is important to work within set times, to ensure that the craft doesn't consume you and impact other critical areas of your life. Having a healthy balance between study/work and your personal life will ensure you get the best out of your career. If you are looking to go down the route of becoming an artist, releasing your own music, then consider what your artist name would be, what type of music you would like to make, and your social media presence, and how you would promote yourself.