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Privacy Policies

Student’s Gallery lets registered users upload photos directly from hard drive or Instagram safely in a few simple steps. Note: the app is for registered users only, if you don’t have an account yet you can register for free here.

Instagram Information We Collect

  • Upon logging in to Instagram (via the student gallery app) we access your client token to generate a feed of selectable images from your account (accessible only by you). Client token is a long string of characters and numbers which is unique to you. The token is not stored by us in the database or anywhere else – we simply use it only during the logging process and when displaying your Instagram feed on our app.
  • When you choose your picture, we copy and save the pathway to the chosen image on our database. This is then used to display the selected photo on our website. Please note that we do not copy and store the images itself – just the URLs.

How We Use Your Information

  • The information mentioned above is used only for logging in and displaying your Instagram feed in our app. We will not share or distribute your Instagram account information anywhere.

Full Control Over Your Content

  • All of your previously uploaded pictures ca be deleted or hidden by website administrators. Please contact us via the contact form if you would like to delete an image. You will be asked to verify your Point Blank Music School account before any changes take place. Please note that changes may take up to 48 hours to take place.

Image Submission Process

  • Once an image is submitted, it will not be viewable on the site until accepted by the website administrator.  We will only consider picture submissions which are relevant to Point Blank Music School and your experience of being involved with our school.
  • We do not tolerate hateful messages, threats or direct attacks, violence or self-harm and spam. If you are spreading any of the above your account will be suspended with immediate effect.