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Your Dashboard & Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

When you enroll at Point Blank, you won't just show up for a class once or twice a week then go home to work on what you've learned alone. You'll also have access to your personal Dashboard — a responsive online community and interactive hub containing a wealth of free educational modules, resources, and student forums for you to take advantage of. Point Blank recently won the Technology Enhanced Learning Award from the Independent Higher Education Awards (IHE) — a nod to our world-class Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Take a look below to browse some of the highlights of the Dashboard and VLE!

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Through Point Blank's VLE you can access a vast amount of resources and information including course notes, tutorial videos, quizzes, assignment feedback, the PB forum, messaging, and more.


The library dashboard page provides access to Point Blank’s catalog of library books on music, production, the industry, and loads of related topics, as well as a wide collection of excellent online resources curated by our expert instructors. 

1-2-1 Sessions

If you're an online student, here's where you'll book 1-2-1 sessions with your instructors to discuss your music, our record label A&R rep Kwame Kwaten for advice on your future in the industry, and our career advisors who can help you make the best decisions to reach your career goals.


Book masterclasses, workshops, and networking events for opportunities to meet up, collaborate, and get to know other students.

Student/Graduate Jobs & Opportunities

View opportunities within the industry, browse internships, and apply for positions in fields such as marketing, A&R, management, and much more. Our Graduate Jobs & Opportunities are available to you for three years after you complete your program.

Careers Hub

Get personal, individualized advice on your career going forward, explore our comprehensive guide to working in the music industry, and get help with employability essentials.

Study Essentials & Extra Content

Get access to loads of free extra educational modules and content on a wide range of subjects such as Music Theory, Adobe Photoshop, Audio for Games, and more.


Student Support

Get help from our dedicated team. Whether you need advice on your musical projects, financial options, visa information, health and wellbeing, or assistance from our studio technicians, the team at Point Blank is ready to listen and support you.