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You Said, We Did...

The student voice is very important to us. Our Students help us shape our courses and the way they are delivered, and defines the services and support we offer. Giving students the best possible experience in all areas of their Point Blank life is our top priority.

Here’s just some of the things we have been working on in the past 12 months in response to student feedback.

Teaching and Learning

  • We have made extensive changes to the way we deliver our online courses to improve the technical experience, interactivity and depth of teaching, as well as providing more face-time with lecturers.
  • We have extended 1-2-1s with your course lecturers and opened up more 1-2-1 opportunities with our pool of specialist lecturers enabling you to get general course support and specific advice, information and tips through your course.
  • We have introduced a new Personal Tutoring system providing students who recently joined the school with an academic staff member to guide, encourage and support them throughout their studies. This service is not yet available to every student, but we hope to offer this support to more students once the period trial has finished.   

Organisation and Management

  • We have redeveloped our marking and assessment processes to make it easier for students to understand how they will be assessed, what is required for each assessment and when they will get feedback and results.
  • We recruited staff, provided training and implemented new process and standards to ensure that you receive high quality feedback regularly and quickly - our feedback and assessment turnaround times are currently amongst the best in the sector.
  • We have redeveloped our registration, enrolment and induction processes to make them more effective and student friendly, ensuring that every student can easily start their course and access the many support services we offer from day one.

Resources and Support

  • We are continually enhancing our sector-leading VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) to improve functionality, user experience and to make it a useful and student friendly as possible. From your Dashboard, to classes and submitting assessments, the Point Blank VLE is your friend.
  • We have reviewed our study resources provision and have plans to improve the current space, recruit a librarian and create a brand new Learning Resources Centre (2022) with additional study space, resources and support for all students.
  • In addition to setting up new virtual learning (and blended learning) delivery in response to the current global pandemic, we have extended our studio support team and now offer Studio Lab Time with our qualified technicians (on/offline).

Communication and Community

  • We have recruited and trained Student Reps across all courses to ensure your voice plays a central role in our planning and decision making, helping us ensure the student voice is heard. Reps are invited to take part in all key School meetings.
  • We have supported and help set up a range of Students Societies to providing opportunities to connect with other Point Blank students around common interests, and we are looking at setting up an official Point blank Student Union with the NUS.
  • We are delivering more masterclasses, workshops and events than ever to provide students with extra circular opportunities to collaborate, connect and have fun. We have also launched The Lab, an online student forum, as well as Writing Camps, Student Showcases and Track Feedback and Listening Sessions.

Careers and Engagement

  • We have increased resources, providing students with more personal careers advice and support to help them transition into a career in the music industry after their time at Point Blank.
  • We re-launched Point Blank Recordings, giving students the opportunity to have their tracks signed and launched with full label and promotional support - our last release, Dreams, has already reached nearly half a million streams.
  • We have implemented A&R mentoring support for all students to improve student outcomes and have worked to provide more industry opportunities, promoting these opportunities more clearly via email and the VLE.

There are various ways for students to feedback to us on things we can do to enhance learning, improve experience and better support them as they enter the industry. Students can feedback back via lecturers or the Point Blank Students Reps. They can email the Student Services team with ideas and suggestions, and they can complete the Point Blank Annual Survey (PBAS) or the National Student Survey (NSS).

However you they feedback to us, we are listening and are committed to giving every student the best music education and student experience possible.

Follow Your Passion. Make Great Music. Create Your Career.


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