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VJ Skills Workshop: Module introduction and Video Loop Creation Using Resolume Avenue

An audience-driven workshop demonstrating how to quickly create looping visuals for your social media posts and reels. This is a practical introduction to the VJ Skills module demonstrating how to create custom content using Resolume. Here's a basic outline: 1-4 will be scripted / slide show style using Resolume and roughly 15-20mins. The practical will be a demonstration of how to make and reuse content in Resolume from simple graphics to automated cutups of existing video (20mins). Q&A (10-15mins), I can start the Q&A section with the face swap trick to get things going. 

  • Module overview
  • What you will learn
  • The benefits
  • Career opportunities
  • Practical demonstration
  • Q&A

This is an exciting, practical, and interactive workshop where you will get the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills in real-time visual performance.

Event Details 

Date: Thursday 3rd August 

Time: 8pm 

Location: The Hub, Orsman Road

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