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Point Blank Mastered

Sensory Music - TakeitAway

Join Jason Dasent and Sophie Ogunyemi in this unique session 'Inclusive and Accessible Music-Making'. In the first half of the session, Sophie will give an introduction to Creative United and Take it away with focus on the IAMM initiative projects that have been taking place over the past couple of years. This will include the Make Some Noise Research/ Reshape Music Report, The Guide to Adaptive Musical Instruments and the Accessible Instruments Challenge.

In the second half, Jason will share insight into his team’s experience as part of the Accessible Instruments Challenge in which they looked specifically at the question ‘How can we redesign music production for a visually impaired person?’. Jason will then share his screen to showcase his workflow as a music producer and share some of his tried-and-true production techniques, focusing on the arranging phase of a song. He will also discuss the other phases such as mixing and mastering. Additionally, Jason will show and discuss how he runs his recording studio as a visually impaired producer.

Attendees will be opened up to knowledge and conversation around ways of creating and working in music that are accessible and inclusive. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions to Jason and Sophie via a Q&A at the end of the session.

Jason DasentJason Dasent has over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of recording and music production. In July 2020, Jason joined the progressive team at Digit Audio Technologies as Software & Product Developer. There, he continues his development of accessibility solutions and contributes to Digit's innovative line of tools, learning programs and business to business consultancy packages, all aimed at changing the narrative around disability. Jason just completed an MA in Popular Music Practice/Music Business at BIMM London.

Jason is a music producer with vast experience in several genres, however, his passion is commercial pop, R&B/Smooth jazz, as well as Reggae and other styles of Caribbean popular music.  Jason has worked with several top Trinidadian artists and since migrating to the UK, has just released a new Pop track “Cute but Sad” with up and coming singer-songwriter EMARNA. Jason's main focus when interacting with young musicians, producers and engineers is to share with them the joys of real musicianship.



Sophie OgunyemiSophie Ogunyemi joined Creative United two years ago to work on Take it away. After studying music at the University of Manchester, she joined the agency world as a digital marketer where she worked on brands such as Logitech, Ultimate Ears, Canon and YouTube. After a few years, it seemed time to take the skills Sophie had learnt back to the arts and found her role at Creative United.

Take it away is a scheme that Sophie is very proud to work on. It aims to make learning, playing and participating in music more affordable and open to everyone. The scheme does this through the provision of interest free credit available to everyone. Another side of this is the Take it away Consortium work, which focuses on inclusive and accessible music-making. Sophie relishes the opportunity to work on and learn about new tech and instruments that have been made specifically, or can be adapted for disabled musicians. Sophie is passionate about meeting other musicians and talking about the importance of music education. Check out her interview with producer CKTRL or if jazz piano is more your vibe, Alfa Mist.

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