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DJ Snips Masterclass - A Path To Independence

Event DescriptionDJ Snips

The session will be verbal more so than practical. The aim is to give people an understanding of how to navigate the industry outside of the mainstream. Often we’re shown a very clear cut idea of what success in music looks like and the reality is that model works for less than 1% of artists. DJ Snips plans on giving insight into his journey and career path, and how he has developed a sustainable career that has existed outside of a mainstream model, and hasn’t been forced to compromise his ideals or principles. In todays climate we have the tools to bypass major labels and connect the fan directly to artist. The key to doing this is understanding your own brand and identifying who that resonates with.

Speaker Profile

DJ Snips is a professional working DJ/Producer and have been for 20+ years. His career started in London but he's currently based in NYC. Snips has run a successful Hip Hop night in London for 15~ years that was brought to NYC 3 years ago. The night has hosted performances from the likes of ASAP Rocky, Schoolboy Q and Giggs. As well as having toured most of the world as a DJ, he has also produced records for artists on both sides of the Atlantic including UK rappers Gigs, SAS and Sway; and US Rappers Skyzoo, Sean Price and Wu Tangs Capadonna to name a few. DJ Snips has recently started his own label: Barbershop Records where he releases instrumental music that covers multiple genres.

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