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BEATCONNECT - The Universal Bridge Between DAWs

BeatConnect is a digital hub for all beat makers. It allows musicians and producers alike to connect in a digital studio and collaborate remotely regardless of everyone’s setup. It works with every DAW, every instrument and VSTs, or any sound or loop you own. Through its shared environment users are free to drop tracks and feed off of one another. By simplifying the creative flow and allowing everyone to pitch in, it feels like a musical conversation. What used to take weeks of back and forth can now be done in a night's work.

In this demonstration Nicholas Laroche, creator of BeatConnect, will show you how you can share and record music with anyone in the world. Furthermore, he'll explore the state of the collaborative industry and the pros and cons faced by many of the existing players, and discuss why collaboration is often the best tool when trying to foster creativity.

Nicholas describes himself as a classic "bedroom producer" who's been mixing it up and making beats since he was a kid. Work-wise After dropping out of college early-on to focus on music he learned how to code and got his first shot as a software designer. Nick's worked with all sorts in the tech world; PBSC, Connect&GO, TickSmith, CBC, to name a few.

Regarding BeatConnect, he says: "I absolutely love making music with my friends and I've built BeatConnect as a way for us to make music together remotely. After working on BeatConnect non-stop for a year I think I've nailed the experience so that it's enjoyable and useful for all levels of musicians and producers around the world!"

Find out if he's right with a FREE 3 month trial copy when you attend this session! 

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Start Times
  • 18th March 2021, 19:30 GMT

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