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The Hangzhou mixing class features SSL Duality Delta mixing consoles

Art of Mixing


Are you searching for that 'professional' sound? Would you like to improve your mixing skills and techniques and achieve it on all your tracks? Sometimes, we can write a tune, it has all the right elements for success but it just isn't mixed well enough to shape up to the stuff we're hearing on the radio, Spotify, YouTube or in clubs etc. On the Art of Mixing course, we take you through the entire mix process from start to finish so you'll learn how to create polished, professional and punchy tracks. You will have more control over your own music and generate more complete tracks. You will never look back.


Course details

Duration 3 Months
Available start dates


Have questions? Check the FAQ's for quick answers.

Fee options

Fees (UK)
¥11,995 payment in full (incl. taxes)
¥1,000 reg fee + balance of ¥10,995 (incl. taxes)

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