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How would someone become a songwriter in 2024?

There is no single route to a career as a singer/songwriter. However, if you’re looking for top class singing lessons in London or online, Point Blank offers a range of singing and songwriting courses which will help to kickstart your career! First of all, quality matters! Be sure to practice your skills by writing frequently. Many writers begin their craft by imitating writers they love purely for the fun of it. Joining a band with friends, attending open mic nights, or offering to write for musicians you know is a great way to get started. Secondly, utilise social media and the internet. Having a strong platform online (especially Instagram and TikTok) is hugely important for your profile in today’s world. Thirdly, whilst the industry has changed a lot in the past twenty years, the music industry is still largely about who you know.

There is nowhere better to meet the right people than somewhere like Point Blank. Here you will be surrounded by people just like you, and have years to develop friendships, working relationships, and improve your practice with creative, passionate, people. Many students find themselves working with people with whom they attended university throughout their lives. You can also attend industry showcases, or simply chat to local musicians you admire after gigs. One of the biggest tips I can offer is simply this: be in the room. Go to your colleague’s gigs. Show your support, and they’ll remember you for it! Keep an eye on websites like Fiverr, Composer Jobs, Arts Jobs, and even Twitter, for opportunities to get your CV kick started. You’ll often find opportunities to start writing for different people – in pop music, for theatre, film, and even games.