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Schools Outreach


We are always happy to engage with Schools and Colleges and their students and have designed a series of engaging and informative workshops in specialised areas such as music production, recording, remixing, DJing and music industry management to introduce them to both the subjects and the career opportunities available within the industry.

Participants explore techniques for creating, performing and promoting modern music, whilst learning about the industry, and are can apply their newly-acquired knowledge following each of our fun and practical sessions. We aim to inspire and encourage young people interested in the music industry by offering opportunities to explore it and insights to explain it.

If you have students that are interested in the music industry, as an artist or a professional, we would be happy to provide our masterclass-style workshops free of charge, either at your campus or at our state-of-the-art studios in East London (social distancing allowing), or online via our Virtual Classroom.

Explore the various workshop options below and let us know how we can support you and your students. 

Masterclass and Workshop Menu

We have designed several specialised, hands-on music workshops that can be delivered in person or online:

  • "Point Blank 101 - Intro to Production"
  • "The Art of Remixing (How to Remix)"
  • "The New Frontier (Live Streaming / DJ)"
  • "Step inside the Music Industry (Music Careers Talk)"
  • "Point Blank Deconstructed (Track Deconstruction)"
  • "AMPEDstudio workshop (web-based DAW)"

Download a Full List of Opportunities and Activities

Get In Touch

If you're a teacher, counsellor, or career advisor and would like your students to visit Point Blank Music School or receive a workshop on your campus or online, please give us a call using the number below or get in touch with our Outreach and Engagement team by emailing: admissions@pointblankmusicschool.com or calling 020 7729 4884.

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