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At Point Blank, we deeply value the voices and experiences of our students. Your journey through music and creativity is at the heart of what we do. Recently, we had the delightful opportunity to catch up with a group of our students, each with their own unique story and perspective. We wanted to hear firsthand about their experiences, challenges, triumphs, and how Point Blank has played a pivotal role in their musical journeys. You can view more from students on our various degrees below.

Hannah Cowell

LoveHate is a new artist experiment from audio engineer Hannah Cowell, who has mixed and mastered for a range of artists within pop, electronic and hip hop music, accumulating over 95,000 streams across her work. She's currently enrolled on Point Blank's Music Production & DJ Performance degree and cites Point Blank's facilities, opportunities and connections as one of her favourite aspects of studying here.

Thomas Irwin

Point Blank’s Thomas Irwin has worked with many labels around the globe, including Sony, Spinnin’, Dharma, Warner and more and received a BBC introducing top 10 uploads for the year 2019. As well as churning out hits, the young artist has also performed at venues both in London and around the world, including debuting at the prestigious Ministry of Sound and fabric London soon after. It’s fitting that after Irwin’s debut at Ministry of Sound, he received bookings to play at festivals around Europe. Find out how studying a Point Blank degree helped him with his success.

Rosie Riot

Rosie has been creating a name for herself on the underground DJ scene bolstered by events and radio shows for the likes of Mode London, Rinse FM's Marcus Nasty Show and 1020 radio Bristol. Hear what she has to say about her experience while studying at Point Blank Music School in London.