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Flights to Ibiza

We recommend you use Skyscanner which shows a great selection of the best value flights. Enter the dates of your stay. Here are some popular departure cities and the best airlines associated with them:

  • City of Departure: London
    Cheapest Flights: Jet2, EasyJet, Ryanair, British Airways
  • City of Departure: Paris
    Cheapest Flights: Vueling Airlines, Transavia
  • City of Departure: Rome
    Cheapest Flights : RyanAir, Vueling, Alitalia
  • City of Departure: Frankfurt
    Cheapest Flights: Ryanair, Iberia
  • City of Departure: Berlin
    Cheapest Flights: Air Berlin
  • City of Departure: Munich
    Cheapest Flights: Air Berlin, Lufthansa
  • City of Departure: Amsterdam
    Cheapest Flights: Iberia, Vueling, Transavia
  • City of Departure: Brussels
    Cheapest Airlines: Thomas Cook , Ryanair
  • City of Departure: Copenhagen
    Cheapest Airlines: Iberia, Air Berlin, Vueling


If you are looking for a decent bike to get you round the island, you can grab a 10% discount at www.cooltra.com/es. Please contact us before you book and we will give you the promo code.

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