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Student Representation

At Point Blank we view students as partners in the education process. Our student reps form a vital part of this role, representing the student body and providing support and guidance while you study at Point Blank. They are a great source of information if you have any questions, ideas, worries, or problems with your experience. They also organise social events, fundraise for charities and act as a friendly face around the building.


Student Reps 21/22


Anhad Khanna - Online Student Officer

Gracie Reid - Online Student Officer



Soham Kothari - International Officer



Klaudijus Rimeikis - Societies and Events Officer



Ron Deris - Community and Welfare Officer



Ron Deris - Student President



Jenny Halseid - Education Officer



Luna Tebbs - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer



Student Reps' Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is provide the best student experience and this is the centre of what we do:

  • We are the collective voice of Point Blank students
  • We support activities so students can try new things and develop skills
  • We advise, support and empower students to make change
  • We are a vibrant social hub
  • We provide support and guidance for students

We value representation, equality and diversity, collaboration, sustainability and fun!

Each year student services run elections for replacement representatives.  These elections will be held in June from 2021.  The 2020 elections will be held in September.

Student Feedback & Enhancement

At Point Blank, we view students as partners in their education. In order to involve you in the process of creating a better education, it’s important that we make you aware of the feedback channels that you can use to voice your opinions. Please be assured that all feedback is completely anonymous.

Student Voice Leaders

Student voice leaders are elected by the student body and work to ensure that the views and interests of Point Blank students are represented in Point Blanks Committees, Boards and decisions. Student voice leaders also act as a gateway between Point Blank students and staff by feeding back the outcomes of any meetings or events they attend. Once elected, we post the names and Point Blank Email address of the student voice leaders in the Student Information Modules on the VLE.

Programme Voice Group

The Programme Voice Group is a forum for discussion between your student voice leaders and Point Blank staff. These happen four times a year, and review everything that has happened from a student and staff perspective, with the aim of identifying how your experience can be improved. Minutes from the Board of Study are kept and made available to everyone via the Student Information Modules of the VLE.

Student Surveys

We aim to minimize the number of institutional surveys that you receive. The infographic below shows which survey you will be invited to depending on your programme and length of study.

point blank survey framework

How we consider your feedback

The feedback you give through your student reps, through surveys and at Boards of Study meetings plays a vital role in reviewing and improving your programme at Point Blank. Your feedback is used to drive improvement at Point Blank, and without it we cannot have a holistic picture and accurate judgement of how well our programmes meet your needs.

You Said, We Did 

The student voice is very important to us. Our Students help us shape our courses and the way they are delivered, and defines the services and support we offer. Giving students the best possible experience in all areas of their Point Blank life is our top priority.

Visit the page linked above to find out what we have been working on in the past 12 months in response to student feedback.