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Point Blank London Open Days - Register Today

Find out about our London School, the courses we offer and how we can help you follow your passions, make better music and build the industry career you want. The event will include a free track deconstruction masterclass.

RSVP here.

Summer Schools 2023

Every year, we hold a range of summer schools for both adults and children*, helping all people of all ages to take their first step into the music industry. 

Please select from the options below for more information.

*Please select your (or your child's) age group of either 11-14 or 15-18 when filling out the enrolment form.

Kids & Teenagers

DJ Summer School

Singing Summer School

Music Production Summer School (Ableton)

Music Production Summer School (Logic Pro)


Introduction to Music Production

Complete DJ

DJ/Producer Summer School

Why choose a Point Blank Summer School?

Summer schools provide young people and adults a chance to get their foot in the door with one of the world's leading institutions. If you or your children have an interest in music and would like to explore music this summer, then come down to our state-of-the-art studios where and get an introduction to music creation from our industry professionals.

Our Commitment to Fair Access

As part of our commitment to fair access and participation in higher education, and in recognition of groups typically underrepresented in the music industry more broadly, we are offering a limited number of free summer school spaces for learners who meet one or more of the below criteria. Please contact outreach@pointblankmusicschool.com if you are interested in a free place.

  • Experience of local authority care
  • A disability, long-term health condition, specific learning difficulty or mental health condition
  • Of Black, Asian or minority ethnic heritage
  • Female or female-identifying
  • Living in a postcode identified as having low participation in higher education (POLAR4 Q1 or Q2)*
  • Living in a postcode identified as being in an area of relative deprivation (IMD Q1 or Q2)*

*if you are unsure whether you meet either of the postcode criteria, feel free to contact us on outreach@pointblankmusicschool.com with your details, and we can check this for you.

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