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Charitable Works

Helping a Worthy Cause

London is one of the largest cities in the world. As such it is home to huge success stories in the worlds of creative and media, finance, education and many other areas. At Point Blank HQ, we are proud to be part of the rich tapestry of this vibrant and wonderful cultural hub.

However, with every major success story comes a flip side: the harsh reality of the daily struggle to survive of everyday people. You can see it in the homeless and jobless lives of London's not so lucky underbelly. Food poverty is a primary cause of ill-health and social isolation amongst vulnerable and homeless adults. Simultaneously, food waste is a growing cause for concern in the UK and globally.

That is why we have chosen FEAST WITH US as our main charity partner. Every year, Point Blank allocates time for each employee to volunteer with FEAST who address these social issues through preventing malnutrition, promoting sustainable eating habits, and encouraging community cohesion. We help the charity collect unwanted food from local supermarkets, take it to homeless shelters and prepare wholesome meals for homeless people who may otherwise go hungry. And the best part is hanging out with the people too, chatting, exchanging stories. As we rack up our experiences we will share our pictures here with you over the coming years.

Other Partners Around the World

Point Blank is also proud to work with many other charities such as Nyege Nyege, Beating Heart, LNADJ (Last Night a DJ Saved My Life) & CAYE (Central African Youth in Enfield) with a diverse range of interests and objectives in places including Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania & South Africa. You can read about them here.

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