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Mission Statement

Our Mission

Point Blank's mission is to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for a successful career in the music industry by providing access to:

• A diverse, global community and student experience unmatched in creativity and innovation

• The latest state-of-the-art equipment

• Teaching excellence via highly trained lecturers with a wealth of industry experience and Point Blank's network of contacts and partnerships


Point Blank aims to:

• Develop engaging and innovative higher education and vocational creative arts programmes which enable students to contribute significantly to the creative industries

• Continually strive to enhance our student experience and support our students to reach their full potential

• Create strategic partnerships with key creative industry representatives and maintain strong internal links through the recruitment and retention of talented staff with extensive industry and sector experience

• Support widening participation objectives and global creativity by welcoming a diverse range of students and strengthening our open-minded, dynamic and pioneering academic community

• Raise awareness and advance our mission and aims by engaging with the music industry, consultations and local and national policy decision makers

By fulfilling these aims, Point Blank will fulfil its mission.

NB: Mission Statement applies to London school only

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