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Point Blank Mastered

Think Outside the Loop with Christian Gibson

Christian Gibson is an electronic music producer, composer, and technology educator from Los Angeles. Christian began making music at a young age, eventually traveling to England to study music production at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, earning himself the Bachelor of Arts degree in Sound Technology. Christian has contributed to the production of Adult Karate's Del Mar album, released the electrifying single "Tethered" with Slow Shiver, written the music for and coproduced Esthero's single "Baby Steps," as well as released his own projects. His recent album, The Practice of Human Flight, Volume 2 featured guest vocals from Jane Machine, Open Mike Eagle, The Tulips, and Twin Oaks.

In this masterclass session, Christian will demonstrate and explain his most successful methods of organizing and controlling chaos and randomness in Ableton Live. Christian will open up Ableton Live and give a live demonstration of how he creates variations and humanization through its native MIDI effects. He'll also explain how to use Max for Live devices to develop a system that sets boundaries and allows for movement in a somewhat unpredictable fashion within the assigned limitations when creating and performing. Christian will even explore how to successfully feed multiple single note MIDI clips of various odd lengths into a singular instrument to develop evolving polymetric phases.

Attendees will explore the possibilities of sound synthesis in real-time composition with a master composer and producer. The methods demonstrated and explained will give upcoming producers and music-makers a liberating strategy in getting outside the "normal" loop of generative compositional techniques and tools for beginning to experiment with chaos and random elements within their productions. Christian will show live examples of his own best practices and demonstrate how playing with the element of surprise can promote emotional responses in the listener by radically disrupting the usual modalities of pattern recognition and listener expectations.

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  • 10th March 2021, 18:00 PST
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