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Point Blank Mastered

The Art of BV's with Aimee Warren

A few words from Aimee: "Music has been very much a part of my life from an early age, I came into my voice at around 13 and have been singing with my sister who is also a singer since then. Having a singing partner really allowed us both to develop the skill of harmony, and layering. I am currently working on writing/recording/producing my own music as well as working with other established artists such as Boy George, creating, arranging and performing backing vocals. Something I love to do is build on what's already there in a song, tapping into elevating a track through use of harmony, and well thought out melody pieces. It can often get overlooked, importance isn't often shed on the skills to create, arrange and carry out BV parts; Finding the gaps in a song, creating melodic pieces separate to the lead line that complement the overall piece, and then arranging these within the track. This is what we will dive into In the ‘Art of BV’s’ masterclass.

We will be hands on, creatively exploring harmony, layering, sounds and melodic pieces. I want these sessions to spark new creativity in the realm of being a vocalist, thinking and curating outside the box! I endeavour to provide you with tricks and tools when exploring the BV world and understanding that it can be something that really ties a song together, elevates the right parts and adds to the energy and essence of the song."

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