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Point Blank Mastered

Songwriting Success with Scott Simons of America's Got Talent

Point Blank LA’s lead songwriting instructor Scott Simons knows his stuff when it comes to writing great songs — he has served for years in roles like pianist and assistant music director for shows like America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, and Little Big Shots. He also has a degree in music composition from West Virginia University, fronts the synth-pop group TeamMate, and sang the theme song for the animated kids show Paw Patrol! He’s played for artists including Leona Lewis, Drake Bell, Chris Mann, and Rooney, written songs for Dirty Vegas, Daddy’s Groove, Razihel, and Allen Stone, and has even been sampled by Wiz Khalifa.

In this session, Scott will share his best practices for songwriting and the most important pieces of music theory and song craft in order to create musical works that stand out. He’ll break down the mechanics of a few of his favorite modern tunes, piano-bar style, to illuminate what makes them work so well, whether it’s chord changes, topline, lyrics, or all of the above. He’ll cover the most essential bits of music theory knowledge necessary in order to write great songs, and touch upon harmony, melody, and rhythmic considerations. He’ll also discuss his approach to developing and maintaining a professional career in songwriting, including networking, cowriting, publishing, and performing. Attendees will gain a full understanding of how to make melodies, lyrics, and chords work together to be highly memorable and perfectly singable for any artist. Say you took a class with a pro songwriter who hails straight from America’s Got Talent and The X Factor!

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  • 28th July 2021, 18:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
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