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Music Marketing with Farhana Aboo

Farhana Aboo, Head of Marketing for AEI Group, joins us in an exciting masterclass to help you expand on your marketing and self-promotion skills. Farhana will cover:

  • A brief history of how she started her career in marketing
  • The basic concepts around marketing, what is a strategy and what is a campaign?
  • The importance of marketing in the music industry
  • Good practice and use of social media in marketing
  • Examples of campaigns that Farhana has worked on

You'll come out of the masterclass with some insights into marketing basics, how important marketing is to the industry and artist's careers, and good practice and examples of social media.

More about Farhana Farhana Aboo Image

Farhana Aboo works on some of the biggest electronic music brands in the world. At the AEI Group in London she is responsible for marketing campaigns for rapidly growing independent labels like UKF, NCS, TheSoundYouNeed, Drum&BassArena, Subsoul and more across the company portfolio. With a global reach of over 40 million fans across all platforms, Farhana helps the AEI Group reach, monitor and analyse consumers from all over the world to ensure the best result.

In addition to her marketing role at AEI, Farhana has also played an integral part in developing the business and also championing diversity in the company. Qualified at the Chartered Institute of Marketing and boasting an impeccable track record with internationally renowned brands such MTV and Perform Group, Farhana’s experience with marketing, data, PR, strategic communications and large international product and event launches has been a major asset to AEI since 2012.

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