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Point Blank Mastered

Modern Sound Design with Christopher Fudurich

Christopher Fudurich is a critically-acclaimed producer who brings an exceptional blend of skill, creativity, and technological knowledge to his projects – from album production, engineering, and mixing to sound design, lighting design, and live sound. An accomplished musician and gifted listener, Fudurich is an artist’s dream, able to translate creative concepts and turn them into sonic realities. He’s one-half of the successful synth-pop duo MODERNS and has worked with a broad range of artists, including Jimmy Eat World, Pitbull, Britney Spears, Nada Surf, Ozma, Matthew Sweet, etc. He also tours as the live sound engineer for Yes, Grouplove, and Social Distortion.

In this masterclass session, Christopher will give a live demonstration of his masterful music production techniques and successful sound design workflow. Opening up a project session for a completed track, he will dive into the different elements and processes it took to build the track from top to bottom. He’ll break down his electronic and acoustic production techniques and share his mixing tricks. An avid analog synth collector, he’ll discuss his approach to sound design and how he achieves various analog and digital synth tones featured in his own MODERNS music to create a unique, seamless blend. Christopher will also touch on his in-depth knowledge of music software, hardware, and gear.

Attendees will get a glimpse into the mind of a successful modern record producer, sound designer, and electronic artist. Christopher will introduce attendees to new techniques for sound design, electronic production, and mixing and learn the moves that make MODERNS music sound so good. This live demonstration will give attendees an understanding of how an experienced producer deals with pop vocal tracks. Christopher will take attendees under the hood of a real project session to show how a highly sought-after mixing engineer treats each instrument in his sonic palette and arranges them into a potent overall stereo mix.

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