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Jack Abraham | Artist Toolbox

The Artists Toolbox: Vision, Strategy and Tactics.

"Vision, strategy, and tactics each have different meanings, but they all work together... Whether it's a multinational corporation or a one-person startup. First, you must develop a vision. Once you have that vision, you can develop a strategy or a broad plan that outlines how you'll achieve that vision. When you've outlined a strategy, you can decide on tactics, or specific actions you'll take to employ that strategy and reach your vision." - (Reh,2019)

What is a vision for? What is the difference between strategy and tactics? Discussing ideas from leading thinkers like Benjamin Zander and Bernadette Jiwa, Jack Abraham; venue owner, artist manager and serial entrepreneur will show how these three, often misunderstood, words can be applied to your work and result in life changing consequences. Sign up below to gain some highly valued insight and clarity. 

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  • 23rd June 2020, 19:30 BST (British Summer Time)

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