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Point Blank MASTERED

Mixing Master Class with Andrea Lepori

About the Masterclass

The aim of the online itb mixing masterclass is to show how Andrea approaches a mix when on a mobile rig. He will be demonstrating his processes, from prepping, to addressing potential tracking issues (checking phase correlations, fades/click, de-essing) to gain staging, eq, balancing, mix buss processing and so on whilst maintaining focused and inspired. Andrea will take questions at every step and at the end of the session. 

At the end of the class the students should come away with well-rounded knowledge of how to approach a mix; from receiving the initial mix brief, labelling, colour-coding, checking the stems provided, potential phasing issues, track bounces etc to the listening process in all its stages (headphones, speakers, issues working in unfamiliar, untreated rooms) and the potential edits required (prior mixing) to get the session ready. Finally the students will understand the importance of the general balance and how to incorporate compression, eq, automation, fx, plugins choices into a musical idea and how to address feedback and revisions requests, after sending the 1st pass.



Andrea Lepori is a multi-award-winning mixer, engineer and record producer. He is best known for his work with the legendary artists U2 and The Rolling Stones as well as with contemporary artists such as Jack Savoretti and George The Poet.

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