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Alex Hancock | Introduction to Music Licensing

According to PPL, music licensing is "Recorded music [that] is protected by copyright. This means that, if you wish to include recorded music in a radio or TV broadcast, or in an online service, or if you wish to play recorded music in public (such as playing it to staff or customers at your business premises), legal permission is needed from each and every recording rights-holder whose recordings you use." on June 25th, we have Alex Hancock to give us an overview of the world of music licensing and how it changes across different media.

It will take in everything from adverts to films to computer games to retail. This masterclass will be the perfect opportunity for you to find out how to get those beats from your bedroom and into the latest movie soundtrack, blockbuster console game or in the advert for the product that everybody wants. Sign up below. 

Event Details

Start Times
  • 25th June 2020, 19:30 BST (British Summer Time)

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