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Intro to Music Production


Taught on the highly creative and intuitive Ableton Live, Point Blank's classic Intro to Music Production gives students a thorough grounding in essential music production skills. If you are working or studying full time, this weekend course schedule is designed for you. Containing the building blocks necessary to become a producer or sound engineer, it is crucial to master these skills before you can progress further. Perfect for beginners but also challenging if you have been making music for some time, you will benefit from learning professional techniques from an experienced producer with major artist credits. Point Blank China offers its students the best equipped studio classrooms in the world with one for each student. Students can make use of unlimited practice time outside of lecture hours.


Course details

Duration 5 Week
Available start dates
  • TBA
Weekly timetable 2 lecture days per weekend for 5 consecutive weeks

Fee options

¥11,995 payment in full (incl. taxes)
¥1,000 reg fee + balance of ¥10,995 (incl. taxes)

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