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Ableton Production Weekend


This intensive weekend Ableton course explores all of the key features that Ableton Live has to offer. In just two days you will get an intensive introduction to the skills and techniques you need to start producing your own tracks. The course includes setting up, using audio and midi clips, arranging your track, utilising the session and arrangement views, effects and processing, for example using vocoders filters, and reverb and mixing. All Ableton courses are taught in small groups by a Certified Ableton instructor in our Hangzhou training studios. Point Blank is proud to have the best equipped Ableton Live facility in the world, featuring Push controllers for each student.


Course details

Duration Weekend
Available start dates


Weekly timetable 2 days over weekend (11am - 6pm)
Have questions? Check the FAQ's for quick answers.

Fee options

Fees (UK)
¥1,995 payment in full (incl. taxes)
¥200 reg fee + balance of ¥1,795 (incl. taxes)

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