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Is podcast presenting a good career in 2024?

There is little doubt that podcasting is a good career in 2024. The audio industry is booming, and podcasts are at the forefront! With increasing numbers of independent content creators and production companies creating all kinds of content, and a growing number of listeners of all ages and demographics wanting to listen to them. There are many opportunities for a fulfilling career. Podcasting is an ever-expanding industry with great career prospects and there are hundreds of new ideas and concepts waiting to be developed!

Presenting a podcast can offer opportunities to travel, meet fascinating people and develop a wide range of skills in your working life. It can also offer a lot of flexibility and opportunities to express your creativity. A career in podcast presenting can also allow you to have a positive influence on society, giving a voice to those who may not otherwise have the chance to express themselves. Depending on the focus of the podcasts you present and who your guests are, they may allow you to champion worthy causes, highlight injustices, and/or shine light on deserving people and give exposure to important topics that may need publicity. It can expand your horizons and knowledge of the world, and ultimately may aid your growth as a person.