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How can I start a career in podcast production in 2024?

There are many ways that people can start their career in podcast production. Some start making their own original content to build up their portfolio and following, which then leads to other opportunities (small freelance jobs producing and editing podcast content for others, making social media assets, etc). Some start volunteering on internet/community radio stations or collectives and brands to gain experience and then move on to paid work with production companies. Some may start their career as a researcher or assistant producer on a podcast and work their way up. Others may gain an internship at a production company and make connections/build relationships which allow them to progress their career. Whichever route you end up taking in podcast production, it is wise to start gaining as much experience as possible to increase your skills and grow your network – see where you can volunteer and develop your skills in a supportive environment. Apply for work experience at radio stations, podcast-hungry brands and collectives, or independent production companies that produce podcasts for various clients. This could mean that you gain experience working on a range of different types of podcasts and help you decide on your preferred career path.

Start networking – do you know anyone who is already working in the podcast industry? See if you could shadow them for a day or two to see what their working life is like. Perhaps they might need assistance with some editing or some administrative tasks – why not ask whether you can help in any way, and who knows where it may lead? Often, proving you are motivated, capable, have the right core skills and are willing to learn is all it takes for people to notice! Studying Radio, Audio & Podcasting at Point Blank will kickstart your career as you will learn a wide range of transferable skills with expert lecturers who are working in the industry right now – from producing podcasts, radio shows, documentaries and audio imaging, developing original ideas, researching, presenting, creating visual assets for social media and understanding how the industry operates. It will also enable you to speed up the growth of your industry connections.