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Programme Leader – BA (Hons) Songwriting

Department: Education & Curriculum

Hours: Full-time (0.8 FTE can be considered)

Contract: Permanent

Starting salary: up to £50,300 FTE (depending on experience)

About Point Blank

Point Blank is an award-winning music school based in London, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Mumbai, China and online. The School specialises in Higher Education and professional courses in subjects including Music Production and Sound Engineering, DJ Performance, Vocal Performance, Songwriting, Music Business, Music Software Engineering, and Radio.

As a specialist music education provider, we take pride in teaching the creative process of making music at the highest level, with expert lecturers and state-of-the-art facilities. We nurture and support students, providing them with a curriculum connected to industry and the tools to succeed in their careers. Consistently awarded high scores by our students through the National Student Survey, we have a reputation for giving our community a unique and high-quality experience.

We are currently in an exciting phase of growth and expansion, with new campuses and innovative educational programmes in the pipeline. This is an incredible opportunity for you to join a fast-growing company with exciting prospects for personal development. To find out what makes Point Blank Music School a remarkable place to work, check out our YouTube channel here.

About the role

A Point Blank Programme Leader has overall responsibility for the successful creation, validation, delivery and subsequent maintenance of a degree programme. The Programme Leader will report to the Head of Education & Curriculum and work with fellow Programme Leaders, Curriculum Developers, and the Library and Learning Resources Manager as part of the Education & Curriculum team.

Point Blank’s new BA (Hons) Songwriting degree launches in September 2024, and will instil the four key skill sets a professional songwriter requires; writing, creating, producing, and marketing a song product - all of which are at the core of our programme themes.

Furthermore, the Songwriting programme will develop Point Blank’s student network, where creative and technical practitioners from our various programmes can collaborate to write, record, produce and promote their songs. This network will create a professional environment that is reflective of industry practice and that of the capital’s vibrant creative economies.

As part of the launch of the new degree in September 2024, the focus of the role will be as follows:

  • Developing the modules – lesson plans, notes, resources
  • Building the team of academic staff and developing industry connections
  • Carrying out applicant interviews, including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) decisions
  • Organising and participating in outreach activities
  • Presenting at Point Blank open days and offer holder days
  • Creating and contributing to marketing materials

Key Responsibilities

Course management and administration

  • Oversee the termly monitoring of Module Leaders and Lecturers to ensure high quality of teaching and course delivery.
  • Induct and train new Module Leaders in accordance with the Module Leader Handbook.
  • Chair the termly Programme Development Group to analyse and discuss module leader reports, creating any relevant actions.
  • Work with the Education & Curriculum team to action termly updates to the syllabus, identify areas of the programme’s curriculum which need updating, and advise on commissioning course development where necessary.
  • Ensure the Programme Handbook and the Programme Specification, Assessment and Feedback Policy are up to date each year and made available to students via the Student Dashboard.
  • Work with Module Leaders to oversee and present the submission of module and programme change requests where necessary.
  • Write the yearly Educational Monitoring and Enhancement Report (EMER) for submission to Middlesex University.
  • Attend the weekly meetings and report into committees such as Assessment Board, Academic Board & Curriculum Monitoring Committee.
  • Work with the Head of Quality and Head of Education & Curriculum to ensure that the course operates in accordance with the Quality Handbook and with any relevant School procedures.
  • Work with the Head of Education & Curriculum, fellow Programme Leaders, and Module Leaders to ensure assignments are written and amended by set deadlines.
  • Ensure risk assessments, specific health and safety inductions, and resource requirements are addressed and carried out for relevant modules within the programme.
  • Oversee academic appeals and academic misconduct issues.
  • Support graduates through various means, such as attending graduation ceremonies, supplying references, and participating in appropriate alumni activities.
  • Work with the Education & Curriculum team, Head of School & Facilities, and the Head of Quality to build and maintain a team of Lecturers and Course Developers.
  • Collaborate with the Careers and Engagement Manager and Head of School & Facilities to bring industry professionals to Point Blank for talks and create student opportunities.
  • Support School administration in maintaining student records.

Course Development

  • Lead on the validation and any subsequent revalidation of a programme
  • Work with the Head of Education & Curriculum and Senior Curriculum Manager to:
    • Write the programme specification, including:
      • Programme Learning Outcomes
      • Programme aims
    • Write module narratives including:
      • Learning & Teaching Strategy
      • Module Learning Outcomes
      • Assessment Components
      • Learning Materials
    • Write or oversee the writing of assignment briefs on a termly basis
    • Write or oversee creation and updating of assessment rubrics
    • Write and/or commission course learning materials (accessible via the VLE)
  • Discuss any course or module modification proposals with the Head of Education & Curriculum to be presented at the Curriculum Monitoring Committee
  • Where appropriate, contribute to quality assurance processes, including design and approval for a new course or major modification to an existing course.

Programme Leader Reports

  • With the support of programme team members, prepare and submit termly Programme Leader Reports.
  • Work with the Head of Quality and Data Manager to monitor student progression, achievement and retention across the course in Programme Leader Reports.
  • Monitor student complaints, notification of extenuating circumstances (NEC) and academic irregularity processes in line with Point Blank policy and procedures.

Academic Leadership

  • Provide guidance and direction to Module Leaders, staff who teach (including Sessional Lecturers) and any other staff involved in the delivery of the course.
  • Along with relevant colleagues, investigate problems raised by students or staff and give advice on general matters relating to the course.
  • Play a role in the delivery of change in curriculum review, employability, internationalisation etc.
  • Be aware of School strategic priorities, policy and procedures and forthcoming developments, and ensure these inform course design and delivery.
  • Liaise and maintain relationships with external bodies, industry contacts and professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs), as appropriate.
  • Support the Head of Education & Curriculum and Quality and Data Managers in the use and analysis of appropriate data sources to inform course development and future planning, including but not limited to: NSS results, KIS data, sector-wide data and competitor benchmarking.
  • Support any compliance and audit check activity, e.g. through the provision of timely information.

Quality assurance and Enhancement

  • Work with the Programme Administrator to discuss extensions to coursework deadlines, failed or missing referred work.
  • Work with Module Leaders to coordinate the marking of students’ assessments, internal moderation and the correlation of results.
  • Attend Assessment Boards to present student results and make recommendations on behalf of the programme team.
  • Contribute to the Quality and Enhancement Plan
  • Contribute to the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy
  • Continuously engage the full programme team and other contributors (e.g. administrative staff, students, external examiners, Head of Quality, Head of Education & Curriculum, teaching observers) to review and evaluate the course, and agree any action points.
  • Attend Programme Development Group meetings and staff/student consultative groups and follow-up any action points arising.
  • Utilise course committees and other meetings to assign appropriate activities to members of the course team.
  • Liaise with PSRBs, as appropriate, concerning requirements, validation, accreditation and recognition visits.
  • Monitor the quality and standards of provision through collaborative partnerships, where appropriate.
  • Input to curriculum development to ensure relevance, currency, employability and an excellent learning experience.
  • Where appropriate, contribute to quality assurance processes, including design and approval for a new course or major modification to an existing course.
  • Undertake training and continuing professional development associated with the responsibility.

Student Induction & Support

  • Plan and oversee the delivery of course induction, Welcome Week and student transition activities, working with relevant colleagues.
  • Support the election of student representatives; liaise with them regularly to ensure they are supported.
  • Ensure students are provided with the necessary academic support, including any specific issues related to students with disabilities, international students, mature students etc. Refer pastoral care issues to Student Support Services or other specialist sources of guidance where appropriate.
  • Ensure academic support is provided to students where progress or attendance is giving cause for concern.
  • Ensure students are made aware of key procedures specifically relating to Notification of Extenuating Circumstances, Academic Appeals and Academic Misconduct.
  • Contribute to the handling of academic appeals and academic misconduct issues.
  • Support graduates, including attending graduation ceremonies, supplying references and any appropriate alumni activities.

Personal Development

  • Facilitate and engage in research and scholarly activity to support learning and teaching, course design, and curriculum development.

Person Specification - Essential


  • Undergraduate degree, or equivalent level qualification.
  • PGCertHE or equivalent level qualification.


  • Solid and demonstrable experience of teaching.
  • Experience working within a Higher Education institution.
  • Demonstrable experience in an academic role.
  • Experience in writing policies, procedures, and project reports.
  • Industry insight - to ensure the syllabus remains relevant and up to date.
  • Leadership experience – to guide Lecturers and Module Leaders effectively.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Subject Expertise – possess proficiency and understanding of the programme's core subject areas.
  • Creativity - to ensure the programme remains engaging and relevant.
  • Project Management skills – to ensure timely and budgeted task completion.
  • Administration skills – for routine tasks associated with the programme.
  • Attention to detail – to identify and address issues.
  • High standards of quality assurance for content creation and maintenance.
  • ICT skills – basic familiarity with VLE and Office365 applications.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Capacity to consult senior staff when necessary.
  • A strong commitment to teaching quality and student support.

Person Specification - Desirable


  • Masters or higher qualification in a relevant field.
  • Further qualifications or professional development related to music, songwriting, or Higher Education leadership.


  • Experience in international or cross-cultural academic environments.
  • Publications, recordings, or other outputs demonstrating a connection to songwriting and music in general.
  • Experience with accreditation processes in Higher Education.
  • Industry connections that can benefit the department and students (e.g. guest lectures, internships).
  • Experience in developing or leading remote or blended learning programmes.
  • Participation in or leadership of academic committees or working groups.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Experience in curriculum development and pedagogical innovation.
  • Experience with or knowledge of digital platforms and tools specific to music and songwriting.
  • Track record of engaging with the broader academic community, e.g., conferences, symposia, and workshops.
  • Knowledge of emerging trends and technologies in the music industry.
  • Experience or interest in collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching methods.

Personal Qualities

  • A record of mentorship or other support for early-career educators.
  • Engagement in broader school or institutional initiatives, beyond department-specific duties.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion in teaching, student support, and hiring.
  • Willingness to engage in community outreach or public-facing events related to the programme.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV and a detailed cover letter setting out your interest in the role and details of how you match the criteria in the Person Specification to work@pointblankmusicschool.com.

Point Blank is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of society.