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Graduate Gallery

This gallery represents a selection of work from graduates of Point Blank London's BA programmes – Music Production and Sound Engineering and Music Production and DJ Practice.

Specifically, this is work from final year Production Portfolios, this is the final module on both programmes and students are given an opportunity to plan, research and implement a substantive project within their area of interest in music. We’re extremely proud of the work produced by students and are delighted to share this.

Access our 2020/2021 Cohort Graduate Gallery

Jan Rotowski - Live Performance

What bothers me in many live looping performances is their repetitive structure, what often disqualify the possibility for the music to be an independent creation and does not allow it to be shown without the video. By focusing on the form I wanted to break the pattern of live looping being repetitive and subordinated to the picture - which should enhance the value of the performance not justify it.

Alex Sexton - Mass Effect 3: Priority Earth [OST Remake]

The specialisation of this portfolio was focused on soundtrack design and seamless integration within an already existing environment. As Mass Effect 3 was the focus for this segment of the portfolio, I recreated the scene using only the dialogue and SFX after extracting the pre-existing audio files from the game. Replacing the original soundtrack from these scenes was simple afterwards. The compositions themselves are connected to two other pieces of original music I had done within the same soundtrack.

Simonas Kuoga - Until It Isn't EP

A love letter to the past in the shape of a short-length concept album.

In it, I detail my loss of self in past events through both the instrumentals & lyrics.

Snippets of past conversations along with other moments frozen in time echo throughout the records, with the titles helping to guide the listener through the events.

My thanks go out to my vocalist Iveta Lenčiauskaitė (Ivy) for the amazing vocal work she did being a proxy for my voice on this album.


Miaw - You, Me, the World and the Future

The EP is called "你、我,世界与未来" and in English, it will be called "You, Me, the World and the Future". Through this EP, I hope that I am able to spread awareness for the environment as well as viruses such as Covid.

01 关于我对未来的美好期许 My Hope for the Future - A song about a couple's hope for the uncertain future with the world's getting chaotic

02 游戏人间 Gamified Life - Life's hard, life's tough, we can't turn into Mario in life but we can definitely enjoy our life just like how we enjoy playing games.

03 想象日子没有病毒的时候 Imagine the World without Covid - This song is a little on the happy-sad feel with the writer asking listeners to imagine a world without Covid, without pollution. How nice our world would be.

04 冰淇淋 Ice Cream - A song on climate change. Ice cream is melting so much faster and we can't enjoy our ice creams like we used to anymore.



Oberon - Organic House & Techno Vol 1

The world of sound design is a vast and ever-expanding discipline whereby individuals from both artistic and engineering backgrounds collide their various audio capture techniques, programming and reproduction skills to create new or novel reinterpretations of sound.

I felt I wanted to explore the practice of collecting found sounds from my immediate environments and use a combination of light and heavy manipulation processes to create organic, original sounding samples and fuse an analogue and synthesised style alongside.

So, using a portable field recorder, I set out into my local woodlands. I recorded almost everything, which could be later processed into melodic, percussive or harmonic samples. The final results presented many exciting drums, atmospheres, and grooves that could be easily implemented into a house or techno production.

Lewis Frazer - Need You ft. Emma Withers

My specialist project was a three-track Liquid Drum and Bass EP which was inspired by artists like Mollie Collins and Justin Hawkes, as well as the label Liquicity. with this track in particular I set out to create something that would bridge the gap between more commercial music and Liquid Drum and Bass.

AXSOLI - Edgy!

Edgy! has been initially inspired by CORPSE and mixed relying on FINNEAS’ approach for Billie Eilish as a reference. Of course, these were only the starting points, in general, it was an individual idea of a minimalistic production, sort of underground, alternative pop song. Musical and lyric parts, straight-forward and bold, underline the statement mentioned in chorus. It’s something new for the author, considering the percussive techniques used, self-programmed instruments, and assertive groove. Through the years spent at Point Blank, the style has gone through stages of development, aiming for a simple yet not too plain, direct yet unusual sound.