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Contextual Admissions

Point Blank is committed to making higher education accessible to everyone. We therefore encourage applications from all students regardless of background and circumstance. We want to see applications from all students with the potential to succeed. That's why we consider additional contextual information on an individual basis as part of our assessment of your application.

What are contextual admissions?

Point Blank is committed to making higher education accessible and inclusive. We recognise that an applicants’ circumstances will have affected their previous learning experience. Therefore, in addition to academic qualifications, we use certain information to provide us with some context about your circumstances. This helps us to form a complete view of your attainment and potential when we assess your application to study with us.

Point Blank’s contextual offer is a tariff reduction of 16 UCAS points and applies only to students completing a Level 3 qualification that carries UCAS tariff points. Please note, this excludes applications made via Clearing.

How do I apply?

You don’t need to apply for contextual admissions. If you apply via UCAS, we receive information about you from UCAS based on the details you enter on your UCAS form. If you apply to us directly, we will receive this information from your application form.

It is important that you complete your application accurately as we will use information including your home postcode, whether you have been eligible for free school meals, and whether you have spent time in local authority care.

We look at whether:

  • You live in an area of socio-economic disadvantage (IMD) or an area of low progression to higher education (POLAR4). To find out if your postcode is eligible, use the postcode look-up tool or email outreach@pointblankmusicschool.com and the team can look into this for you
  • You have been under the care of a local authority for at least 13 week
  • You hold refugee status
  • You are/have been eligible for Free School Meals

What if I don’t meet any of the Contextual Admissions eligibility criteria? 

We focus heavily on the potential of our students and recognise that not all grade predictions are a true reflection of talent and future promise. Therefore, if your predicted grades are lower than the entry requirements for your chosen course, we could still make you an offer based on other supporting factors such as relevant practical experience. 

Confirmation and Clearing 

Confirmation is the point at which your results are released to our Admissions team. If you are holding an offer from Point Blank but don’t quite meet the conditions of your offer on results day, don’t worry. At confirmation, your application will be reassessed, and you may be given an offer through our internal Clearing process. Please contact us on results day if you are unsure about the confirmation process. Apply today - we want to make the process as straightforward as possible, so if you have any questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you through the application process.