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How it Works Online

Not everyone can make it to Los Angeles, London, Ibiza, or Mumbai to take our music production programs, so Point Blank created an online learning platform designed to cater to students from all around the world. To find out how our Online School works, watch the video above by clicking on the play icon, and the videos below too.

Real Time Interaction

  • Live Weekly Masterclasses : Two-hour group sessions where the whole class is online with your instructor each week for two hours, always recorded and archived for you to watch back. Delivered from the United States to accommodate local timezones.
  • Live 1-2-1 Sessions : Personalized instruction between you and your instructor every other week throughout your program, which you can record if you wish. Plus, additional opportunities to meet in 1-2-1 Sessions with a range of specialist instructors.
  • All live interaction is recordable for you to revisit at your leisure, along with hours of pre-recorded videos and written content.
  • You gain lifetime membership in Point Blank's global producer network.

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