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Exclusive Features at Point Blank Online

Why Point Blank Online? HERE ARE SEVEN GOOD REASONS...

This page is designed to explain to Point Blank Online Students what kind of services they can expect during their time studying online with us. You will see that our student experience is unrivalled which is why students rated us one of the highest ranked independent music schools for student satisfaction in the NSS (National Students Survey) 2021.




Each week, an expert lecturer will guide you through the week's content, explaining exercises, assignments, syllabus topics and areas for discussion. The two hour masterclasses enable you to understand the week's curriculum and to interact with your lecturer and classmates.


1-2-1 Tutorials


This is your chance to have the undivided attention of your lecturer and can be used to clarify elements of the course such as your assignment tasks and to get advice on your work and studies from an expert.  You need to attend three of these sessions every term and they form part of your Certificate of Completion. This is a great way to maximise your relationship with your lecturer and the course in general. You can also book additional 1-2-1s with our range of specialist online lecturers.




We know that students on campus at Point Blank enjoy studio/private practice time supported by our Studio Assistants and the same service is available to our online diploma and HE students via Studio Lab Time. Get support on all elements of production including: 

  • Setting up gear/DAW 
  • DAW/Software usage 
  • Composition techniques 
  • Structure and arrangement 
  • Mixing/balancing/bouncedown 
  • Mastering
  • Feedback on your tracks 
  • Feedback on your music business projects

This is personal, supported Studio Lab Time. Students can book sessions with a Studio Lab Assistant in one hour blocks but can run longer than this subject to availability. In addition, we are working closely with industry partners to provide you with the best software to use whilst studying at home. This is of course in addition to the usual exclusive discounts and offers we provide.


Guest Appearances, Deconstructions, Performances & Socials


It’s important to stay connected with each other during your course (and after) and we provide a range of extra-curricular virtual activities for you including:

  • Virtual masterclasses and specialist events covering a range of topics
  • Regular Creative Connections online meet-up sessions so you can connect with fellow Point Blank students across the globe
  • Interactive creative workshops including the 'Flip Out' Sample Challenge, 'Focus' Collaborative Writing Camp and 'Sound Wave' Sound Design Challenge
  • Online track deconstructions - watch some of Ski's legendary deconstructions here
  • Web-based skills workshops
  • Live streamed DJ and performance sets
  • Remote wellbeing activities and student socials

We encourage students to collaborate with each other and increase their all important networks into the industry.


Point Blank Recordings


A&R'd by Kwame Kwaten, (Ferocious Talent CEO / Co-Director Cre8ing Vision & Ultimate Seminar / Brit Awards Trustee / Mobo Awards Trustee and successful Record Producer and artist manager), PB Students benefit from 1-2-1 mentoring/A&R sessions with Kwame to help develop their music and create avenues into production, remix, artist and writing work. This year has seen collaborations between PB students and Ultra Nate, Kathy Sledge and Kym Mazelle in a series matching house legends with our alumni. We've also tee'd up a series of releases for 2020 starting with a remake of 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac in June. This is a genuine opportunity for students to get signed and work in the industry while studying with us. Find out more about Kwame and hear students' feedback on the mentoring sessions here.


Career Opportunities


Students can access a range of careers, employability and industry opportunities via virtual 1-2-1s, meet ups and workshops by emailing support[at]pointblankmusicschool.com. We have a dedicated team whose goal it is to get you in to the music industry. Check out some of our recent Student Spotlights here:


Wellbeing Support


We provide a full suite of Student Services, Wellbeing and Counselling to offer advice, guidance and support to all our students. If you’re struggling with anxiety, stress, need advice or just someone to talk to, contact us - see bottom of this page - and we can help. We also arrange Virtual Hang-outs which provide a space for our students to connect with Point Blank friends and other students. These informal events help keep boredom at bay. In addition to the support offered by the School, there are a range of apps and online resources available to students free of charge to help ensure mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. At the end of the day, we are here to support our students throughout their studies with us. We are proud to be ahead of the game when it comes to virtual course delivery, student experience, online community and technical innovation.  

We hope you will choose to join us and we will be here to help you navigate through your course. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss anything mentioned above, please get in touch via the Contact Form.

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