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Student Societies

At Point Blank Music School we encourage our students to engage and collaborate with each other inside and outside of class, sharing their musical and personal passions, creating a sense of community and establishing their networks early. 

Below you can find information about our current student societies which cater for everything from Techno fanatics to football fans and more. These societies are student-led and new ones are being added all the time...see what takes your fancy from the list below, or if you're already a Point Blank student, set up your own group. 

For more information contact: societiesandevents@pointblankmusicschool.com

Society Meetups

Student Societies are a huge part of every Higher Education institution and Point Blank is no different. Sign up for this session where you can hear from the heads of each of our student-led societies.

Everything from creating a home for LGBTQ and ACS groups to Football and Disco, with enough space for Haribo appreciation and Film societies in between, our societies can be as serious or as our students want them to be. 

If you want to create a society please email: societiesandevents@pointblankmusicschool.com

Songwriting Society

The PBSS (Point Blank Songwriting Society) aims to support songwriters to improve their composition and lyrics, and connect with other writers, singers, producers, audio engineers and music management professionals.

We aim to provide a safe-space for student-to-student songwriting feedback (2hr session per week) and want to connect songwriters to the signers and producers within Point Blank, facilitating a place where artist and creators can ask for help with their projects. We also aim to curate an internal songwriting contest eventually.

If you're interested, please email: songwritingsociety@pointblankmusicschool.com


La SONA is an easy way for women-identified producers/students at Point Blank Music School to come together online. By facilitating a safe, non-judgemental space, members are encouraged to share their creative work, knowledge, skills, and network with one another for career/collaboration opportunities.

The society will mainly run via our Facebook group where members can find music, tutorials, job postings, events, etc. We'll also post questions occasionally to stimulate discussion about music production and other fun topics. In the future, we hope to stream member performances, workshops and much more. Sign up below by contacting Marijana on lasona@pointblankmusicschool.com

DJ Society

Point Blank is famed for its DJ course, so it's only right that there is a DJ society! The purpose of this society will be to share, learn, network and create opportunities. The students will learn new skills and techniques as well as being involved in events that the society plans to run. The activities of the society will be mixes, tutorials, networking events as well as putting its own events so the students can showcase their skills. Once/twice a week 2-4 hours depending on amount of society members.

If this sounds like something you want to be involved in, contact:Djsoc@pointblankmusicschool.com


This is the Point Blank Football Society. We are open for everyone who is looking to meet and connect with new people whilst getting fit, staying healthy and playing some football. If you are looking to better your mental health and get active, or you are looking to keep fit, feel free to join this growing society where football matches are never taken too seriously! We look forward to playing with you soon.

To get involved:

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/349843326263619

Whatsapp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GfSrxM8N4ikF5B1c8gCfHf

Email:  Footballsoc@pointblankmusicschool.com


Missing those times making music with strangers in cramped and sweaty pubs? Let's jam together!

Just drop by with a drink and instrument of your choice when its Tuesday evening and the Virtual Zoom pub is jam-packed. Guitar, Piano, Voice, Recorder, Kazoo, Triangle - or DJs throwing in some scratch sentences - we are looking forward to welcome you and your creativity.

Grab the unmute button and present something you are working on, sit silent and still in the dead of the night or follow somebody’s invitation, get inspired and join in.

You can email Jamsociety@pointblankmusicschool.com or scan the WhatsApp barcode to get in touch - looking forward to making music with you! Watch the intro video on YouTube.


Jam Society QR Code

Point Blank ACS - (Afro & Caribbean Society)

The purpose is to celebrate and share African and Caribbean culture. One of the reasons why having a Point Blank ACS is important, is because Black culture has influenced different aspects of the music industry tremendously over many years, it would benefit students by allowing them to relate and connect with people from their culture. This society is open to everyone and I would love for it to be a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

Activities will include game nights with prizes, Trips such as to the theatre, Guest speakers, Movie nights, Debate nights, ACS social nights, Networking nights, Student collaboration nights, Performance nights, Black history month events, Wellbeing event, yearly ACS Point Blank Ball, Seasonal events.

To sign up for this society, please contact: societiesandevents@pointblankmusicschool.com who will put you in touch with the leader of this group.

Rap Production Society

 The purpose of this society is to bring together producers of the Rap genre. Here you will have the opportunity to collaborate and work with others as well as hear feedback. We will range from American Trap/Hip-hop to UK Rap/Drill/Grime and afro beats/lo-fi rap or Boom Bap. In the future we plan to start working with local artist and create a strong network.


1)     Weekly beat collaborations. We will meet each week at least once and collaborate or make music together. A voting scheme will be in place to decide the most optimal date for everyone.

2)     Monthly Beat Competitions:

This is the opportunity to try out your production skills and compete against others, you will have a month to create a beat out of a given sample. There will be an entry fee and the winner will walk away with the pot. A fair voting scheme will take place so everyone’s music is anonymous, and votes will be anonymous too.

This group plans to meet weekly.

If you would like to contact the leader of this society, please email: Rapprodsoc@pointblankmusicschool.com