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Looking for a place to stay while you study in London? The list below provides a range of affordable student accommodation options. If you want to know more about which area you should choose, the cost of living in London, or have any other questions relating to accommodation, please feel free to call or email us.

Well Street Hall

Well Street Hall  offers affordable student accommodation in London - perfect for any students in their first year! The halls of residence has corridor-based rooms and shared facilities. Each room is a single study bedroom, equipped with its own mini fridge, washbasin, broadband and Wi-Fi. Well Street Hall promotes a strong and valued student community within its residence. Residents have access to a large communal area with Wi-Fi - consisting of study/studio space, as well as a TV room. Also included is a large outdoor backyard with BBQ area, table tennis, weights section and bike storage. There is also car parking on site.


Well Street Hall is situated in Hackney, East London. The halls of residence is a walkaway from Victoria Park, London Fields and Shoreditch High Street. Students can expect a 33 minute walk to our Point Blank campus.

Room prices 

Starting at £160 per week (utilities included). 39 week tenancies with options to stay over the summer.

Claredale House

Claredale House offers shared flats ideal for independent living. Set around an internal courtyard with lockable front gates, there are flats of varying size arranged over 4 storeys. Each room is fully furnished with a bed, wardrobe, bedside cabinet, desk, chair, broadband and central heating. Each flat has its own shared kitchen, shower and toilet facilities. As well as having two residential Managers, the building is covered 24 hours a day by student subwardens, so if there is ever an emergency there is always somebody available to help.


Situated in beautiful Bethnal Green, this accommodation is only a short walk away from Shoreditch high street and Victoria Park. Students can expect a 26 minute walk to Point Blank.

Room prices

Starting at £160 per week (utilities included). 39 week tenancies with options to stay over the summer.

Chester House

Chester House  is fully catered for accommodation in Muswell Hill. Please note, this is a dry halls (no alcohol permitted on site) - so this may well not be for everyone. However, students looking for a safe, community-driven and relaxed housing option would find this a brilliant place to live!

Room prices

Single standard room - £175.28 per week (utilities included)

Single ensuite - £217.84 per week (utilities included)

Double ensuite - £257.18 per week (utilities included)


Based in beautiful Muswell Hill, students can travel to Point Blank within roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes.


The Arcade

This property stands as a popular choice for students seeking convenient and comfortable living spaces. iQ The Arcade, London, offers a variety of room types including the Platinum, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Copper Rooms, and the Standard 6 Bed, each fully furnished with all the necessary amenities and some with private bathrooms.

Room Prices

Copper Room - £265 per week

Bronze Room - £273 per week

Silver Room - £279 per week

Gold Room - £287 per week

Platinum Room - £307 per week


Located on Holloway Road, The Arcade is an easy 40 minute bus ride to Point Blank.

Will Wyatt Court

iQ Will Wyatt Court London (N1 6JP) is a fantastically furnished student accommodation in London that is located near the vibrant districts of Hoxton and Shoreditch. iQ Will Wyatt Court London offers a range of freshly refurbished bronze en-suite, gold en-suite, and platinum en-suite rooms for you to start an amazing journey in the city. 

Room Prices

Prices start from £441 per week


Will Wyatt Court is a 10 minute walk to Point Blank's Orsman Street Campus.


IQ Highbury London offers a number of studio and ensuite options for comfortable and affordable accommodation with plenty of amenities for a comfortable stay while also being close to most of central London. Finsbury Park Station is a 2 minute walk and is an accessible transport hub.


This accommodation is a half an hour journey by public transport from Point Blank.

Room Prices

Rooms start from £447 per week

Tufnell House

Tufnell House gives you a countryside feel and neighbourhood charm with easy access to central London. This property provides studios and ensuites


 Tufnell house is located a 45 minute journey by public transport to Point Blank.

Room Prices 

Prices for rooms start from £441 per week


Located on Bastwick Street, iQ City is a sought-after choice for student accommodation in London. Offering a variety of room options, including studios, en-suite, and non-en-suite apartments, this property caters to diverse needs and preferences. Students have exceptional travel links with Barbican and Old Street Station nearby. Ammenities inlucde an onsite gym, cinema room, laundry facilities, a games room, study area and more.


iQ City is under 30 minutes away by bus to Point Blank Music School.

Room Prices

Prices start from £431 per week

East Court

iQ East Court in Mile End offers a wide range of stylish studio accommodations for students to choose from. If you’re looking for a student home surrounded by a variety of stores, restaurants, bars, and parks, this is the place for you!

Room Prices

Rooms start from £441 including bills


East Court is 40 minutes away from Point Blank by public transport.


iQ Aldgate offers a range of modern living options for students looking for convenient and central accomodation.

Room Prices

Prices start at £441 per week including bills.


This accommodation is a convenient 30 minute journey by train or bus to Point Blank.

Other Standard Options

Premium Options

Accommodation Agencies

  • Londonist DMC: Tailor made accommodation options, offering two weeks free of rent and  airport transfer for bookings for tenancies of 20 weeks or over.  Please email pointblank@londonist.co.uk for further enquiries 
  • CRM Students: Wide range of student accommodation suitable for all budgets 
  • Unite Students: Fully equipped student accommodation
  • London Nest: Flexible tenancy lengths with favourable cancellation policy
  • Nido : Premium central London student residences
  • Urban Nest: Well-equipped lifestyle, social and and study spaces
  • Mansion Student (Mansion Hive): Stylish undergraduate and postgraduate flats and studios
  • Scape Living: The ultimate student experience
  • Hosts International: Provider of high-quality London homestay accommodation
  • Host Students: All inclusive student accommodation 
  • Mystudenthalls.com: Student accommodation search tool
  • Accommodation for students: Student accommodation resource featuring over 120,000 properties 
  • Homes for students: 9 purpose built student accommodation properties across London
  • Vonder: Stylish, fully-furnished accommodation with studio options available
  • Home Family Stay: Offering young people an opportunity to live in a private room in the home of a host family while away from home 

Applying for an 18+ Student Oyster Photocard

Whilst some of the above locations may not be a walkable distance to Point Blank, it is more than possible to commute using a TFL Oyster Card. Point Blank is well situated in both Hoxton and Haggerston, with great transport links (bus, tube and overground) to the city and greater London. All students who are enrolled on a course that has at least 15 hours of tuition and/or structured learning hours per week are able to apply for an 18+ Student Oyster Photocard which will allow them to travel at 30% off across London! To acquire an 18+ Student Oyster Photocard, simply get in touch with our Support Team upon arrival on the course and they can take you through all the necessary steps.

Council Tax Exemption

All Students studying in the UK are exempt from paying council tax. Our support team are able to produce course confirmation letters for students which can be given to the council/landlord as proof of student status. When you start your course, come and speak to our staff and we will be able to assist you through this process.

Accommodation Facebook Group

Students are invited to join our Accommodation Facebook Group – a user led forum where students can find accommodation, advertisements for flatmates and share advice and tips based on their experiences of living in London.

Tenancy Checklist

The Type of Tenancy Agreement  

Is it an individual contract or a joint tenancy agreement?  

If you have the choice, ask for an individual contract. An individual contract means if one person of the group leaves the house for any reason or pays rent late, the rest will not be liable to cover for them. If, however, you sign a joint tenancy agreement the household will be responsible for the property and collective rent payments. 

The small print  

Be sure to read through the tenancy agreement very carefully. Take your time. Do not let any landlords or estate agents rush you into signing anything you do not understand. You should check the following:  

  • Start date and end date of your tenancy – make sure that your tenancy agreement gives you a place to stay throughout the whole academic year  
  • That every tenant's name is on the contract as well as the landlord's 
  • Your obligations ­– it is important to read through what you can and can’t do as a tenant. Be sure that you do sign anything you do not consent to 
  • What the total rent amount is and when it is due 
  • For any agreed repairs you want your landlord to do before/during your tenancy are now in writing.  

Guarantor section 

When you sign a tenancy, you will be asked to provide a guarantor. This is a nominated person who agrees to be liable, if you as the tenant, are not able to make a payment for any reason. Often, people just ask their parents to do it. It is important you nominate someone you trust and is in a financially secure position.  

Agency Fees 

As of 2019, agency fees are now banned in England, Scotland and Wales. Make sure that there are no extra fees listed in the contract. The only extra fee you should pay would be your deposit. 

If you still have questions, please check the FAQs at the bottom of the page.

Common Questions

What is the Landlord responsible for?

• Heating and hot water installation

• Baths, sinks, basins and other sanitary installations

• The exterior structure of the property

• Repairs and the safety of gas and electrical appliances

• Ensuring that any furniture supplied meets fire resistant requirements

What is the Tenant Responsible for?

  • Water and sewage charges
  • Utility bills (unless stated in the tenancy agreement)
  • Taking care of the property
  • Using the property in a responsible way
  • Paying the rent as agreed
  • Keeping to the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement

What exactly is a deposit?

The deposit is usually the equivalent of one month’s rent. Your landlord or agent MUST, under the 2014 Housing Act, protect your deposit within 14 days of receiving it as part of the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme, and will need to provide you with the relating paperwork. It is really important to remember that the money held as a deposit remains yours at all times and not the landlord’s, and only by mutual agreement should any money be deducted.

Will I definitely see my deposit again?

As long as the property is left the way you found it, you will see your deposit again. If any damages occur whilst you are living there, the landlord has the right to take money from the deposit in order to fix the issues.

Any other reasons for not getting your full deposit back might include:

• Failure to return ALL keys

• Haven’t cleaned the property adequately – the landlord would need to pay for a cleaner’s time to come and tidy up after you.

• Have left rubbish inside or outside

What are my rights as a Tenant?

• Tenants have the right to enjoy the property during their tenancy and they can expect basic maintenance and repairs to be up-to-date.

• Landlords are able to access the property but must given 24 hours notice and come at an appropriate time - arrangements for the landlord to access the property should be outlined in any contract, so this is definitely worth checking. For further information on rights andr esponsibilities see: www.gov.uk/private-renting.

Private Options

If you are looking to find a flat-share in particular, we recommend the following websites which are regularly updated with new properties: 

Local Guide

Our London studios are situated on Orsman Road and Penn Street and are surrounded by a variety of useful and entertaining amenities. If you’re after tranquil cafes, charming markets, food trucks, epic burgers and wings, or just want to go shopping for new trainers, streetwear or records, Point Blank London’s location is perfect for you. Find out more here.


Is student accommodation all inclusive?

This varies drastically. Typically, when you go into a halls of residence, you will pay a fixed fee per month which will include your bills. Some private accommodation buildings will include other ammenties e.g. meals, gyms, study areas, cinema rooms ect. The best thing to do is shop around, arrange a viewing and find the best one for you.

I’m not sure about something, who can I speak to?

Don’t bottle this up, call up or email support and we can fix up a time to meet with you in private. Don’t let anybody rush you into signing anything that you are not comfortable with!

Contact us